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Network smarter.

90% of people throw out the business cards they receive within the first week.

Why you ask?

Because it’s a hassle to enter all those details.

With foreverID, your colleagues can instantly and digitally add your business card in their address books.

foreverID is designed to work with popular digital address books: Apple iOS, Android, Microsoft Outlook, Outlook for Web, and Google Contacts.

Change is inevitable…

85% of the new workforce will have more than 2 jobs in 4 years!

Without foreverID, the business cards you hand out expire and people will not be able to reach you when they really need to.

…so why not keep your network’s digital address books up to date in real-time.

The days of sending mass emails to people in your network about a new email address, a new number, or any changes in your contact details are gone.

foreverID technology will automatically and seamlessly update the digital address books of everyone in your foreverID network with any changes you make.

Designed to Work with

Outlook for Windows
Outlook Web
Google Contacts
Android Contacts

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